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Washing Machine Basics

The main parts of a washing machine are the timer, or electronic control, the water valve, the agitate and spin motor, water heater and temperature control, the pump out, the washing machine body, which houses the machinery, and the washing machine door.

The timer is in charge of all functions on the machine. It controls the voltage to a specific component at a chosen time during the wash cycle. Since each part can be isolated and tested, the process of diagnosis is usually quick and direct. Appliance technicians do a similar thing to doctors, called "didactic reasoning". When diagnosing washing machine problems they rule out what is not wrong with the appliance to locate the problematic part.

Here are a few everyday problems that you might like to check for, if you suffer a washing machine breakdown or malfunction, before you need to contact us to call out one of our washing machine repair engineers.

Washing Machine Door Fails to Open

Always wait for a couple of minutes after the machine has finished spinning as the timer safety mechanism will prevent the machine from opening for a while after the last cycle.

If there is water in the machine then you will probably need to drain it before you will be able to open the door. The latest types of washing machines have a controller that prevents you from opening the door with water in the machine. Unhook the drain hose from the outlet pipe and lower into a bucket or basin in order to drain the water out. You will also need to check that the timer control is at a 'Stop' position before the machine will open.

Water will not drain out of the Washing Machine

If your washing machine won't empty, then check for blocked drain filter, faulty drain pump or blocked internal hoses. To find the fault, drain the washing machine manually and then check the drain filter.

Washing Machine not spinning correctly.

Check to see if the washing machine drum can move freely. If this is not the case then there may be something caught in the drum. If the drum moves freely then check that the belt is on properly.

If these simple tests fail to fix your problem then Contact us to arrange for a visit from one of our washing machine repair engineers.

Remember that only a trained washing machine engineer should open up any part of the workings of the machine. Always unplug the machine before attempting any diagnostics or repairs or if you think that there is a fault.

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